We focus on the following areas:

  • Corporate law in a broad sense (including mergers and acquisitions, corporate litigation and commercial contracts);
  • Labour law and employee participation;
  • Construction and real property law;
  • Regulated markets and the care sector.

Lawyers of LEXIGMA distinguish themselves by their strong commitment to their clients. While LEXISGMA is (also) a law firm, it is not a traditional one. Rather than respond to events, we aim to provide proactive and preventive advice. This allows us to be effectively involved as a strategic partner of our clients. Lawyers are masters at finding issues. However, we do not focus on the issues only. We primarily aim for the opportunities. Our intention is to find a solution for the problem that is put to us. Therefore, our advice is all about delivering added value.

Our strength

Our strength primarily lies in the way in which we approach matters that are put to us. We do not really care whether the challenge is strictly legal in nature; instead, our focus extends to the entire organisation of a business, from its staff to the machines and the business premises. We call this ‘general counselling’, and it differs from the services that traditional law firms offer or can provide. By general counselling, we mean that we provide not only purely legal advice, but are also strategically involved.

Our Firm

The firm was founded in 2011. All lawyers of LEXSIGMA have years’ experience and expertise, which they acquired with leading (large) law firms, international businesses and institutions.

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